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FC-002B high frequency Ionizer blower

Jun 19, 2018

FC-002B high frequency Ionizer blower

The real function of the ion blower is that the main function of the ion blower is to eliminate the static electricity, remove the static electricity to interfere with it in the industrial production, and ensure the normal production; in addition, the ion blower has other functions, and the fan itself can achieve dust removal. Another aspect of the goal is that high-pressure ionization of ozone can have a slight bactericidal effect. Of course, ion fans must be used to neutralize static electricity.


Ionizer blower maintenance

The ion blower is just brand new when it leaves the factory. After a certain period of time, the static elimination effect will be insignificant. The main reason is that the discharge needle is oxidized and contaminated, resulting in a lower ion release frequency and a smaller quantity. . Therefore, the first step in maintaining the ion blower is to clean the discharge needle. Theoretically, it needs to be performed once a month. However, the actual operating environment needs to be considered; the second step of maintenance is the inspection of the line, and the electronic product line security is very high. Importantly, various safety incidents may be caused by this hidden danger; the third step is to inspect the entire machine, including the appearance, screw fasteners, wind windows, etc. to ensure that it is intact.

Plugs for FC-002B high frequency Ionizer blower for differnt area in the world:

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