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Focus on the two sessions: open a new era of intelligence

Apr 08, 2018

Focus on the two sessions: open a new era of intelligence

With the invention of the electron tube, humans entered the electronic age. The development of transistors and large-scale integrated circuits allows us to handle hundreds of millions of data. Moore's Law promotes the development of the electronic information age. Let us explore the intelligence, integration, and innovation of the electronic information industry. Decrypt the core content of the future development of artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, high-end chips, virtual reality and augmented reality, intelligent network-linked automobiles, smart homes, and e-sports, etc. in advance. Please join us to “open the smart era”!

The electronic information industry is a place where creativity, innovation and practice converge. On April 9, 2017, at the 5th China Electronic Information Expo, the Deputy Minister of Industry and Information Technology stated that in the frontier areas of the electronic information industry, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality, intelligent hardware and smart homes, All can see the innovation and venture enterprises. With the development of electronic tubes, transistors, large-scale, ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, the chip size is getting smaller and smaller and the performance is getting better and better. The electronic information industry, especially the development of the intelligent robot industry, has gradually replaced manpower in the manufacturing industry. The development of the electronic information industry has deeply affected the development of traditional industrial products. As the traditional industrial products that we use for daily transportation, automobiles have already begun to be deeply integrated with electronic information technologies. The trend of intelligent cars and smart transportation is now emerging.

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