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Glasses cloth

Feb 12, 2019

Glasses cloth

Cleaning features special cleaning optical lens, camera lens, TFT-LCD screen, CD player and jewelry without chemical / spray glass can be printed custom pattern or full color printing within 7 days to provide sample material: 20% nylon + 80% polyester NT yarn; Soft textile fabrics are free of hemp, soft, non-abrasive fabrics. Available in a variety of sizes to meet OEM styles and sizes. Water absorption: Microfibers use the orange-petal technique to divide the filament into eight lobes, giving the fiber a large surface area and a pore in the fabric. Increased, the capillary effect is enhanced by the capillary wicking effect. Rapid water absorption and rapid drying become its remarkable characteristics. Strong decontamination: The microfiber with a diameter of 0.4UM is only 1/10 of the silk. Its special cross section can capture dust particles as small as a few microns. The effect of decontamination and degreasing is very obvious. Synthetic filaments, while using the fine weaving method, do not take the wire and do not take off the ring, the fiber is not easy to fall off the surface. Easy to clean: the microfiber absorbs the dirt between the fibers (not the inside of the fiber) plus the high fiber The density is large, so the adsorption capacity is strong, and it can be cleaned with water or a little detergent after use. No fading: dyeing process for dyes of ultra-fine materials, its retarding, transferability, high-temperature dispersibility, decolorization index have reached the strict standards of export international market, especially its advantages of not fading, so that it Cleaning the surface of the item will not cause any trouble with decolorization and pollution.

The main uses of the company's products are: Audition cloth: used for all kinds of glass, coating, resin lens, lens wiping, can also be used for all kinds of dense lines, laser discs, recording, video heads, TV screens, etc. Industrial Wipe: Clean room wipes such as LSLIC computers, precision machining, microelectronics production, and advanced mirror production. Daily cleaning cloth: high-grade furniture, lacquerware, car glass and body, jewelry and other cleaning cloth. Towels: handcuffs, supplies, sporting goods (such as golf clubs, badminton rackets, etc.), musical instruments