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How can you choose the best Anti-static shoes

Apr 03, 2018

How can you choose the best Anti-static shoes?

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There are many anti-static safe shoe manufacturers, and each manufacturer is different. So how do you choose the right work shoes for so many manufacturers?
 First of all, a pair of anti-static work shoes is good or bad, to see through the comfort of how kind, the price is cheaper anti-static work shoes to wear uncomfortable, it is useless. Anti-static work shoes, if uncomfortable, will also greatly affect employees' working mood and working conditions.
Then, look at the quality of anti-static work shoes. We want to buy a pair of good quality, good quality, wear-resistant, durable, if you buy your shoes once or twice to wear, it will certainly not go to his home next time to buy shoes.
Finally, if you buy anti-static work shoes, we must consider how it's anti-static effect, the effect of good anti-static work shoes is not conductive, not afraid of static electricity. Although static electricity is not fatal, static electricity carried by the human body is deadly to electronic components when working in a clean room.
Therefore, to choose a pair of good anti-static work shoes, both to wear comfortable but also the most important quality must be anti-static effect is good.