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How the human body how to prevent static electricity in winter

Jan 30, 2018

How a human body anti-static

Go out to wash your hands, or put the hand on the wall wipe to remove static electricity! There are as far as possible not wearing fiberglass clothes.

To avoid electrostatic blow, small metal parts (such as keys), cotton cloth and other first touch the door, door handle, faucet, back, bed bar to eliminate static electricity, and then touch.

To deal with static electricity, we can take "defense" and "release" both hands. "Anti", we should try to use pure cotton products as clothing and home accessories fabrics, as far as possible to avoid the use of chemical fiber carpets and plastic furniture for the surface material to prevent triboelectric charge. Stay away from appliances such as televisions and refrigerators as far as possible to prevent induced electrification. "Put" is to increase the humidity, so that the local electrostatic easily released. When you turn off the TV and leave the computer, you should wash your face immediately to release the static charge on the surface of the skin in the water. In winter, try to use high moisturizing cosmetics. Common humidifier. Some people like to keep ornamental fish indoors and daffodils is also a good way to regulate indoor humidity

Second, how to prevent static electricity in winter

Underwear and other personal clothing choose cotton or silk material. Less wear chemical fiber clothes, chemical fiber clothing prone to static friction. This is also the main source of personal static in winter.

Increase air humidity. Especially in the northern heating, the humidity inside the house will generally be very low, resulting in the release of static electricity is difficult to continue to accumulate. At this time, you can buy a suitable humidifier to increase the humidity of the room, is conducive to the release of static electricity.