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How to determine if the cleanroom wiper is dust-free

Jul 07, 2018

How to determine if the cleanroom wiper is dust-free?

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Nowadays, everyone knows that cleanroom wipers are cleaned by high standards. How do you define a cleanroom wiper?

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1. The amount of dust generated by the cleanroom cloth is mainly divided into two types. One is the amount of dust released in the air (APC). Because the name is a dust-free cloth, it must be dust-free. Should not be chipped when shaking. In fact, the fiber braid will be chipped when it is shaken, and the amount is small and different. It is currently realized by the Hank roller, and the other is to detect the release of dust particles (LPC) in the liquid, by immersing the dust-free cloth in In a quantitative deionized water, the concentration of dust particles in deionized water was detected by ultrasonic vibration.

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2. The amount of ion deposition of the cleanroom cloth is detected by immersion in ionized water, and it is possible to detect highly active metal ions and non-metal ions. Relatively fine metallic materials, highly reactive ions are very susceptible to damage to the surface by chemical reactions. Ion precipitation is currently an important test item.

3. The cleanroom cloth does not volatilize the amount of residue in the solvent. Simply put, the test of the residue after use mainly tests non-volatile substances, which tests the tissue composition of the cloth without cloth. What solvent is usually used, and what solvent is used as the evaluation standard. In addition, whether the residual of the cleanroom cloth is within the required range by whether it is fogged when wiping, but pay attention to the influence of the light, too strong light will affect the judgment.