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How to distinguish the quality of ESD mats?

Mar 09, 2018

How to distinguish the quality of ESD mats?

There are many kinds of ESD/anti-static table mats, PVC, all rubber. Many ESD mats on the market are made from recycled materials. Which is better?

First of all, we first understand what is the anti-static pad?ESD table mats, also known as anti-static table mats, ESD rubber mat,ESD table matting, anti-static rubber and so on. It is generally a two-layer structure. The surface layer is a static dissipative layer and the bottom layer is a conductive layer. Surface color: green, gray, blue, black, there are light, sub-light. Bottom color: black. Anti-static mats are mainly made of conductive materials, static dissipative materials, synthetic rubbers, etc. through a variety of processes. The use of long-lasting, has a good anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-chemical flux characteristics, and wear-resistant, easy to clean. Therefore, it can be seen that the main material of the antistatic pad is rubber. Also known as nitrile rubber, Ding Eye is originally a natural semiconductor with anti-static properties. Its molecular structure is composed of many carbon chains, can store a certain amount of static electricity, and can be introduced into the inner layer in a short time to dissipate. The biggest function of the anti-static mat is to store a large amount of static electricity and discharge electricity in an instant. The general life span is about 5 years. Now that PVC is cheap, it can prevent static electricity because anti-static agents are added to the production. This product is a chemical product and it will gradually fade after 3 to 6 months, leading to worse electrostatic effects. After the above comparison, we should know which pad is better. We can distinguish by several methods: resilience, smell, see flames, see gravel, see surface scratches, softness and other methods to identify.