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How to Eliminate Electrostatic in Production of Intelligent Electronic Products

May 21, 2018

How to Eliminate Electrostatic in Production of Intelligent Electronic Products?

It is well known that static electricity is harmful to any electronic product and has a great impact. Therefore, the top priority of the electronics industry is to be effective.
Prevent static electricity. The circuit is very sensitive to electrostatic high voltage and electrostatic discharge occurs when people or objects with static electricity touch these devices. When the static electricity is high
After the impact circuit is pressed, the internal oxide film will be broken down and destroyed, causing the electrical component to be damaged or work abnormally on the spot. Of course, it is generally subjected to static electricity
The released device does not immediately fail, which is why most people do not care about electrostatic protection.
So, how should we eliminate electrostatic hazards? The following method is for your reference.
1. Ground properly to discharge static electricity.
2. Electronic devices should pay special attention to electrostatic protection during packaging and transportation.
3. Operate or service personnel electrostatically. As a computer operator, always keep in mind the danger of static electricity and try to avoid touching the internal board of the computer.
If you must touch the internal circuit, you must add a grounding ring on your finger to ensure effective discharge of static electricity.
4. Electrostatic treatment in the workplace. Conditional workplaces should be equipped with anti-static hard rubber sleeves, anti-static writing tablets, anti-static trash cans, etc.And maintain the ideal humidity of 40% -60%.
5. Improve the quality of the device itself and reduce the degree of electrostatic damage.
Electrostatic damage to electronic components is almost deadly and has to be prevented. Therefore, companies should take protective measures in every department to minimize losses.