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how to ground antistatic mat

Jun 20, 2018

How to ground antistatic mat?

Rubber anti-static mat,It is mainly made of synthetic rubber and modified PVC and looks almost like rubber. Rubber and plastic anti-static table mats have good flexibility and softness, and the price is moderate, the appearance of light and matt for consumers to choose, is the most popular anti-static mat on the market, mostly used in the wall Veneer, ground posting.

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The raw material used for the anti-static rubber board is nitrile rubber, and the material itself has anti-static effect. Its greatest feature is that it can store a large amount of static electricity in a short period of time. Its service life is generally more than five years. It will not cause any pollution to the environment during use, and its wear-resisting, flame-retardant, and acid-base resistant properties are very good. Widely used in mining areas, computer communications rooms and other important places.

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Second, how to install anti-static mat?

1. Firstly install xylene in the washing machine, then clean the floor on which the anti-static table mat is to be laid, and measure the degree of laying on the ground. After the measurement, lay the corresponding number and length of aluminum bars or copper bars on the floor. Then, lead one end of the aluminum strip or copper strip to the ground so as to introduce static electricity into the ground.

2. After laying the aluminum strips or copper strips, clean the floor and apply electric glue. Wait 30 minutes and touch it. If the glue is not sticky, you can put anti-static electricity on it. The table mat is glued to the ground, and the anti-static table mat is hit with a roller, so that the surfaces of the two are more straight and can be used normally after two days.