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How to quickly resolve static electricity generated by walking

May 05, 2018

How to quickly resolve static electricity generated by walking


The anti-static flooring on the shop floor can completely solve this dilemma. Wearing double-anti-static anti-static pedals can release static electricity on the human body, and the personnel are completely uncontrolled and can walk around freely.


The double-safety anti-static pedals can be used freely in the area of anti-static floor mats, and are the best choice for high mobility studios or warehouses. However, it must be used together with anti-static mats.

The anti-static pedal can safely remove the static electricity generated in the human body in 0.1 second. The principle is to guide the static electricity of the human body to the earth through the wrist strap and the grounding wire. When using the wristband, make contact with the skin and ensure that the grounding wire is directly grounded so that maximum efficiency can be achieved. In order to ensure continuous contact with the mat, the user must wear a grounding leg on both feet to avoid loopholes caused by static electricity during walking.