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​How to solve anti-static shoes wearing uncomfortable

Jun 14, 2018

How to solve anti-static shoes wearing uncomfortable?

At present, most of the friends will encounter the problem of shoe grinding. Some customers or customers may consult us about the phenomenon of anti-static work shoes purchased at other homes.

The following SAFETY WORKING TECH anti-static clothing production company put forward some suggestions on the problem of grinding feet:

Anti-static esd shoes.jpg

1. Pay attention to wear new anti-static work shoes as far as possible not to go far, because the new anti-static work shoes are generally hard, so first adapt to a period of time, in addition to anti-static work shoes material is also very important.

2. Wet the feet of ESD shoes through a wet sponge. After one hour, soften the shoes. Do not wear them again, or use white wine or a small amount of white vinegar to wipe the feet of the anti-static shoes. The parts should be soaked for 5-15 minutes. Afterwards, they should be blown with a hot air from a hair dryer. The hands should be gently rubbed to make the anti-static shoe heel soften. After the anti-static shoes are slightly soft, put them on the walk.

3. We can gently rub the feet of the anti-static shoes by hand to make the shoes soft and soft, or cover the worn parts with a damp cloth, and then use a small hammer to gently pry it out. Rush to avoid anti-static work shoes wrinkles.

4. At the end, a solution to the problem of anti-static shoes is to put anti-static insoles on the pads. If wearing anti-static shoes feel great friction when walking, then need to put on anti-static insoles for a long time, the foot can not slip can reduce the foot discomfort caused by friction, and successfully solved the anti-static work shoes grinding feet.