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How to wear Anti-static clothing and ESD uniform

Jun 20, 2018

How to wear Anti-static clothing and ESD uniform?

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At present, cleanroom esd clothes have played an important role in the cleanroom and can directly affect the production of products. Today, the experts of the anti-static clothing, Yi Hetong Xiaobian, have brought everyone to know the specifications and requirements for clean clothes.

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Steps to wear esd uniforms:

1. Begin organizing esd clothing and hair to prevent wearing dust-free clothing because of physical inconvenience and had to organize.

2. When wearing a esd cap, be aware that hair should be covered in the cap to avoid exposure.

3. After wearing clean clothes, be careful not to remove them after you wear them. The buttons should be fastened, and you must not expose your shoulders and neck. Do not wear them back.

4. When the esd shoes are worn, the shoe sleeves of the dust-free shoes should be leveled to ensure that they cover the trousers.

5. When wearing esd gloves, remember to avoid using light hands to touch the glove's gloves and fingertips. The esd glove's wrist is placed inside the sleeve to isolate the source of contamination.

6. When wearing a esd face mask, the esd mask should be worn over the nose to cover the nose and nostrils to prevent contamination of the product during breathing.

There are some remaining notes:

Whether entering or leaving a cleanroom, it should be in accordance with regulations in the changing room anti-static overalls, can not walk away in the clean room. After taking off the antistatic clothing, it should be placed in the inner cabinet of the changing room, and the antistatic shoes should be placed under the antistatic clothing. Before entering the clean room, take off the shoes according to the regulations, put the coat and shoes in the designated cupboard, and not put food in the cupboard. When taking off cleanroom esd/Anti-static clothes, the order should be the opposite of when you wear them.