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In addition to static electricity in addition to seven static trick

Jan 30, 2018

1. Generally when the relative humidity of air is less than 30%, it is good for friction to generate static electricity. Therefore, in this kind of weather, especially in a heated room, use the humidifier to adjust the air humidity, or sprinkle some water in the house, it is not easy to wet the floor and place one or two pots of fresh water to make the indoor air relative humidity Reached 45%, it is not easy to produce static electricity.

2. In winter, especially the elderly, children, electrostatic sensitive, heart disease can not be found, neurasthenia and mental patients, do not wear chemical fiber texture of underwear, try to wear cotton underwear, underwear, in order to reduce the generation of static electricity.

3. TV sets can not be placed in the bedroom, because the TV work, the screen will produce electrostatic particles around, these particles are a large number of adsorption of airborne dust, these charged dust on the human body and the skin have a negative impact. People watching TV, 2-3 meters with the TV shelf-life, after reading to wash your face, wash your hands, eliminate static electricity.

4. Diligent bathing, changing clothes, can effectively eliminate the human body surface accumulation of static charge.

5. When the hair can not be combed clothing, the comb submerged in water, after the static elimination, you can easily combed.

6. Rest, may wish to red foot enough, is conducive to the accumulation of surface static discharge.

7. Wear sneakers easy to make the body's static savings. Because, at the end of the shoes are generally insulated, the body's static electricity can not be excluded from the foot and savings. Therefore, people prone to static electricity try not to wear sneakers or.