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Insulation pads according to the function is divided into several?

Jan 30, 2018

Insulation pads divided by function

1) Non-slip insulation pads - black non-slip insulation pads, green non-slip insulation pads, red non-slip insulation pads

2) Tape insulation pads -800 * 800mm insulation pads, 600 * 800mm insulation pads, 400 * 600mm insulation pads

3) flame retardant insulation pads --- off the ground for 1 second off the fire

4) acid-base insulation pads

5) with zebra crossing insulation pads - warning effect

Insulation pads Features:

Physical and mechanical properties of good, with excellent insulation properties, dry -35 ~ 100 ℃ air dielectric coefficient in the work environment. Through the 43KV test, the normal work in the 660V state.