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Ion fan

Feb 06, 2019

Ion fan

Ion fans are widely used. Single-head ion fans, horizontal ion fans, suspended ion fans and micro-ion fans can be used according to different applications. Ion fans are used in clean rooms. Mainly used in electronics, pharmaceutical, printing, packaging, scientific research, military and other industries. The main role is to remove dust and static electricity. It is based on the principle of “positive and negative ion homosexual repelling, opposite-sex attraction” to achieve the purpose of static electricity, and is an ideal static elimination device for controlling static electricity in a small range. It is also a major category of ESD industry, but it is rare. Some people know the potential hazards of ion fans.

What are the potential hazards of ion fans?

We all know that the main structure of the ion fan is a high voltage generator and a tip discharge electrode needle, a supply system and a ground line. High-pressure tip discharge is dangerous, so the ion fan is generally equipped with a protective cover to avoid direct contact between the electrode needle and other people in the work to avoid unsafe accidents. Because it is generally used in factories and workshops, that is, it is relatively safe for management, but because many people in other industries in the promotion process confuse “static elimination” and “anti-static”, they are considered to be One thing. Therefore, we often receive people from gas stations, oil depots, and steam stations to use an ion fan to eliminate static electricity, which is simply too dangerous. Do not use ion fans for flammable and explosive occasions. If you really need them, you should consult a professional staff to make customized products.