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Ion fans

Feb 07, 2019

Ion fans in paper, petroleum refining and other applications

Ion fans are widely used in the chemical industry, where ion fans are used in the process of sulfuric acid production, in the recovery of black liquor from papermaking, and in petroleum refining.

Papermaking black liquor recovery furnace

In the paper industry, the manufacture of pulp is mostly carried out by the method of sulphate. In the black liquor discharged from the pulp production process, it contains human lignin and chemicals. The black liquor is concentrated and burned in a recovery furnace to recover the latent heat of the medicament and lignin, which is an effective measure for removing pollution and has great economic value.

Dust removal in petroleum tank refining

Modern refinery processes use a fluidized bed catalytic cracking unit to refine oil. The catalyst used is aluminum silicate or aluminum oxide, and is in the form of fine particles. The catalyst is suspended in the reactor by petroleum vapor to form a fluidized bed, and the heavy oil can be cracked into a low boiling component (such as gasoline, etc.) at a temperature of 480 to 540 °C. During the catalysis, a layer of carbon powder is attached to the catalyst. In order to regenerate the catalyst, the carbon layer adhered to the catalyst is burned off by the air blown by the blower in the regenerator. However, the combustion exhaust gas will take away about 90% of the catalyst particles, which are separated by a parallel combined cyclone set at the top of the regenerator, and then purified by an electrostatic precipitator. Catalyst dust has a high electrical resistivity, so the exhaust gas must be pretreated before it enters the electrostatic precipitator. Most electrostatic precipitators used in petroleum refining use a horizontal multi-electric field structure with up to five electric fields. Since the catalyst for petroleum refining is quite expensive, the electrostatic precipitator is an indispensable purification device for the refining of petroleum by a catalytic bed cracking process.

Another application of the pound electrostatic precipitator in the petroleum industry is the removal of tar from the distillation gas of petroleum shale. Due to the strong purification ability of the electrostatic precipitator, the gas purified by the electrostatic precipitator can be condensed into many petrochemical products.

Other applications

In the chemical treatment of asphalt, an electrostatic precipitator is generally used in the blast distillation process. It is also economical to treat the gas in the gypsum kettle, the drying kiln and the burner with an electrostatic precipitator.

In the process of producing phosphorus by the electric furnace method, the electrostatic dust is used to remove the suspended dust particles in the high-temperature furnace gas before the elemental phosphorus is condensed, so that a very economical pure phosphorus product can be obtained. Also, phosphoric acid in the oxidation and hydration process of phosphorus can be easily removed by an electrostatic precipitator.

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