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ion wind gun

Feb 06, 2019

Effect of airflow control of ion wind gun on static elimination effect

The airflow control of the ion wind gun has a great influence on the static elimination performance, and the main reason is solved by the ion wind gun manufacturer.

The ion wind gun is a manual static eliminator. The structure is that the positive and negative ions generated by the high pressure tip are blown to the electrostatically charged target by the air source (compressed air) and quickly neutralized. It can be said that the size of the airflow directly affects the speed and time of static elimination. The airflow will be faster in addition to the static electricity, but when it reaches a certain limit, we will find that the static elimination time can not be faster, and the positive and negative ion balance is broken, the unilateral charge deviates, and at this time, the elimination The effect of static electricity is not so good. It is found through experimental comparison that the static electricity removal performance is generally in the best state at a gas pressure of 0.4 to 0.6 MPa. We are an ion wind gun manufacturer, more than ten years old brand, providing ion bubble guns for half of South China enterprises, big brands are trustworthy!