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Ionizer fan

Jun 12, 2018

How to buy a small ionizer fan?

The small ion blowers circulating in the market have different performances and functions in different models. So, what should I do with the choice of a small ion fan? In fact, it is determined by the characteristics of the application and production process.

 Aerostat PC.png

If you need to dust, you can choose to remove small ion fan, and the printing and textile industry generally use this style more. Basically, small-scale ion blowers abroad use DC-type static eliminators. Why? This is determined by their respective different technical characteristics.


In addition, the small ion fan has a brush pin function, which should not be used in a clean room, otherwise it will cause secondary pollution. The DC fan needs to be cleaned with a special tool such as a clean cotton swab. It is because of the deposition of carbon on the needle tip of the discharge electrode, dust collection and loss. The static eliminator is either AC or DC type. After a certain period of time, the needle tip must be cleaned. The maintenance work is very important. The service life of the machine is long, and the service life of the machine that is not well maintained will be shortened.


In short, the choice of small ion blowers should be based on whether the performance is stable, the prices are reasonable, and the service is convenient. In short, it must be chosen according to the actual situation.