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Is cleanroom cloth same as cleanroom wiper

Jun 20, 2018

Is cleanroom cloth same as cleanroom wiper?

For cleanroom cloth, it must be no stranger to everyone, because it has a unique physical properties, good flexibility, flexibility and wrinkles, as well as water retention, can be widely used in professional medical supplies, industrial cleaning supplies and so on. The dust-free cloth is made of double braided polyester fiber. The surface is soft, easy to wipe the sensitive surface, the friction does not defiber, has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Product cleaning and packaging are done in a cleanroom.

Cleanroom wiper, which is also called non-woven fabric of dry paper making, has two main features: First, the raw material is wood pulp fiber; second, airlaid technology is used. The Cleanroom wiper has unique physical properties and is characterized by high elasticity, softness, feel, good drape, high water absorbency and good water retention properties. It is widely used in hygiene care products, special medical products, industrial wipes, etc. field.

Their essence is different, cleanroom cloth because of its cutting methods including ultrasonic, laser, cold cut, etc. For the non-semiconductor industry and the electronics industry, the cleanroom must choose cleanroom cloth.

The semiconductor chip production line, such as the Cleanroom of the microprocessor, has room to play.