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Is it safe to wear cleanroom esd clothing

May 17, 2018

Is it safe to wear cleanroom esd clothing?

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The performance of esd products is different, and most of the fabrics used in anti-static overalls are polyester fabrics. This type of fabric is itself a type that is prone to static electricity. It is mainly produced by combining anti-static fibers to achieve anti-static effects. With the long-term use of dust-free protective clothing, the anti-static fibers in clothing will stick to dust and lose their anti-static effect. In order to maintain the anti-static effect of products, dust-free protective clothing must be regularly cleaned, for example, one-piece suits are best cleaned twice a week, and anti-static clothes and big bottles can be washed once a week.
In addition, dust-free protective clothing in addition to regular cleaning, but also must carry out regular electrostatic test, if you find static parameters decline and beyond the normal range, this time should be replaced in batches to prevent unnecessary work accidents.

In addition to anti-static clothing, you must wear an anti-static wrist strap, anti-static shoes, and anti-static gloves.