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Is M-3 cleanroom paper also called cleanroom cloth

Jul 12, 2018

Is M-3 cleanroom paper also called cleanroom cloth?

Last week, the customer QQ consulted M-3 clean cloth, asked the relevant colleagues, and inquired about the product quotation brochure found that the name marked above is M-3 clean paper.

M-3 cleanroom wiper.png

So I searched Baidu and wanted to know the difference between clean paper and clean cloth. I found that it is just a different name for the same product. There is no specific difference. Customers have learned about such products in terms of the applicable range of material properties, so let's explain the following in detail:


Product material: 80% rayon fiber + 20% PET polyester material mixed processing.


Product performance:

1. The product adopts the “six analysis” folding method, which can greatly reduce the dusting and high-quality man-made fiber manufacturing, and has soft texture and excellent moisture absorption performance.

2, can quickly absorb moisture and oil film, strong wiping force, soft surface, no scratching the surface of the machine, tight structure, good tensile strength, not easy to fluff and reduce debris, chemical residue, less dust, It also maintains good wiping performance in wet conditions.


Scope of application: Equipment protection for use in higher environments and general wiping requirements for products. Applicable to laboratory, LCD display products, controllers, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, resistors, capacitors, coils, optical electronic components, ceramic crystals, light-emitting diodes, micro-batteries, magnetic tapes, assembly components, print heads, automobiles , electronic and computer industry, can be used as a daily cleaning and purification workshop.


At present, there are many opportunities to contact customers, and the requirements for product familiarity are relatively high. I have learned a lot from the anti-static ant mall and need to keep in touch.