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Is the antistatic wrist strap releasing static electricity normally

Jul 12, 2018

Is the antistatic wrist strap releasing static electricity normally?

The essence of static electricity is the presence of residual charge, and the most severe electrostatic discharge in electrostatic hazards causes fire and explosion of combustibles. Preventing unburned is a warning for safety production for many years. Measures to prevent the generation of static electricity are generally to reduce the flow rate and flow rate, to renovate the process that is strong in electricity, and to use equipment materials that generate less electricity. Therefore, the electrostatic protection must be meticulous and meticulous. The grounding is good and the weight is heavy. The traditional alligator clip is directly clamped to the ground wire and can not meet the static protection requirements. The anti-static wrist strap is frequently used for swinging during work. , bending, winding and other actions, clearly a good anti-static wristband, in fact, it has problems, static electricity can not be completely ruled out, electronic parts inexplicably damaged, bad to bring us a lot of waste of materials and working hours!


Anti-static wrist strap

For the above phenomenon, you can use the wrist strap on-line detector to monitor whether the electrostatic grounding is good at any time, in order to reduce and prevent various defects caused by electrostatic discharge!

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The wrist strap online monitoring system enables real-time continuous monitoring and control of the anti-static wrist strap. The whole grounding system can be monitored in real time; two wrist straps can be monitored at the same time to ensure double use, and the grounding system of the anti-static working area is used normally. It ensures 100% monitoring of the ESD status of the operator. When the human wrist strap grounding system works normally, there is no sound and the green light is on. When the human wrist strap grounding system is broken, there is a beep and a red light flashes.