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M-3 cleanroom cloth

Jul 07, 2018

What is the difference between cotton and cleanroom cloth?

Nowadays, many people are confused about cotton and dust-free cloth. In fact, they have great differences in functions and materials.

Anti-static clothing expert introduce you more about cleanroom cloth! It is made of 90% polyester fiber double weaving, the surface is soft, and it is easy to wipe sensitive surface, friction does not remove fiber, so it has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency, so the product cleaning and packaging are in Completed in a clean workshop.

M-3 cleanroom wiper.png

Let's take a look at the lower cotton cloth. Because the fiber strength of ordinary cotton cloth is low, many broken fiber debris will be left after wiping the surface of the object. When wiping the object, the ordinary cotton fabric will dust and dirt on the surface of the object to be rubbed. The grease and the like are directly sucked into the inside of the fiber, and will remain in the fiber after use, and it is not easy to remove, especially when it is used for a long time, it will become hard and lose elasticity, and then affect the use.

The dust-free cloth can effectively solve the above problems. The dust-free cloth belongs to the long fiber, so the fiber has high strength and toughness, and no fiber debris is left on the surface of the object during use, and various kinds of static electricity can be used to adsorb various kinds of fibers. Shavings.

Because dirt is adsorbed between the fibers of the cleanroom cloth, and the fiber is high and the density is high, it is easier to clean after the stain, unless it is stained with stubborn oil, it does not need any chemical detergent to wash, just Use ordinary laundry soap to wash it gently in warm water.