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Materials of anti-static shoes

Jun 29, 2018

What is the difference between different materials of anti-static shoes soles?

Nowadays, in the microelectronics production workshops of electronic computers, electronic integrated circuits and electronic semiconductors, employees must not only be fully armed but also wear anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes to ensure the quality of products produced. However, although wearing anti-static shoes, there is no anti-static effect, this may be the quality of anti-static shoes without clearance.

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There are many kinds of anti-static shoes on the market. For example, the soles are made of PU/SPU/PVC, and the upper material is canvas, leather and so on. What is the difference in the material of anti-static shoe soles?

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The full PVC name is "PVC", which is one of the plastics. PVC is a kind of anti-static property that is stable in three kinds of materials, and it is also effective. However, the anti-static sole made of PVC material is thin and hard, and it is not suitable for staff who need to stand for a long time.

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The full name of PU is "polyurethane" and is a type of synthetic leather. PU's anti-static properties are not very stable, but they are indeed more expensive. It is mainly because of its high flexibility, high softness, and good foot feeling to reduce the fatigue of the staff.

SPU is a new type of material that combines PU and PVC. The stability of antistatic performance is middle and the softness is also centered. With the improvement of technology, its softness is comparable to that of anti-static shoes made of PU.

Nowadays, some companies are eager to purchase cheaper anti-static shoes, they lack understanding of anti-static shoes, and they do not realize the seriousness of the problem. This will cause huge losses to the enterprise. The damage to the inferior anti-static shoes is immeasurable. Everyone should choose carefully when buying anti-static shoes.