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microfiber cloth wiper

Jun 15, 2018

What are the 4 points to keep in mind when using microfiber cloth wiper?

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In today's demanding cleanliness environment, there is a growing demand for dust-free cloth. Microfiber dust cloth is one of the rapidly developing differentiated fibers. It is called a new generation of synthetic fiber. It is a typical representative of the new synthetic fiber that chemical fiber develops in the direction of high technology and simulation.

Microfiber wiper is made of extremely fine and tough fibers, has a strong tissue structure, soft and tough characteristics, and has the advantages of not damaging work objects and low dust and low ion content.

Then the following anti-static clothing manufacturer, SAFETY WORKING TECH, would like to explain how to maintain the 4 points of microfiber dust cloth!

1. When Microfiber Cloth and other clothes in the washing machine and cleaning or drying, it should be noted that since the ultrafine fibers will adsorb on the clothes surface, it will affect the application effect, so it should be air-dried and in use Dry at low temperatures.

2. The use of softener is forbidden because the softener will form a film on the surface of the ultra-fine fiber as early as possible, which will seriously affect the wiping effect.

3. Choose to use the washing machine in the isolation room plus washing powder or warm water plus detergent for hand washing.

4. The use of bleach will reduce the life of the microfiber dust cloth.