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microfiber wiper

Feb 01, 2019

Never wash your microfiber wiper yourself

Since the microfiber wiper has a small fiber diameter, its bending rigidity is small, and the hand feel is particularly soft, and the advantages of the work object and the low dust and low ion content are not impaired. Can be widely used in precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, medical equipment, laboratories, dust-free workshops and production lines.

Many companies now use wipes, which can be recycled, as long as the cleaning method is correct, it can be used many times. But don't think that the clean cloth can be cleaned by yourself, and don't think that ordinary cloth can replace the microfiber dust-free cloth.

If you clean the screen yourself and then clean it, make sure the rag is clean. Since the tap water is contaminated, cleaning the screen with a dust-free rag that has been cleaned in this way is very harmful to the polarizer. It’s only a tiny moment that I can’t see it. The professional clean dust-free water is the purified 18M Euro purified water.

Some people say that using ordinary soft cloth to clean the screen is not a big problem. This is a step-by-step process. You can't see the difference once or twice. When the number of screens is too large, you can't solve it. The only way to do this is to change the polarized light. The film is gone. This process is relatively complicated to be carried out to the special equipment of the factory. It is said that the stripping of the polarizer requires a special stripping device, and the hand-made glass can easily damage the panel.