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Misunderstanding of anti-static measures at the factory

May 21, 2018

Misunderstanding of anti-static measures at the factory

More and more people are now aware of the harm of static electricity. For example, some factories have begun to purchase anti-static clothing such as anti-static clothing and anti-static footwear. But can it really prevent static electricity? The answer is of course NO, NO. this method
Common anti-static errors are as follows:

1, no anti-static product testing equipment

The error in the most production inspection is that many companies have purchased a lot of antistatic products, but have not purchased some commonly used antistatic product testing instruments. We know that each product has a certain period of use and quality is good or bad. If there are no commonly used testing equipment, we do not know whether the product is damaged or not. This will not achieve anti-static effect.

2, the ground connection is not good
a, anti-static ground wire shall not be connected to the power supply zero line, not sharing with lightning protection ground wire. Because lightning strikes and other phenomena will affect the performance of the product and personal safety through the loop.
b. When using three-phase five-wire power supply, the ground wire can be used as an anti-static ground wire (but the neutral wire and ground wire must not be mixed).
c. The cross-sectional area of the grounding main line should not be less than 100mm; the cross-sectional area of the branch line should not be less than 6mm; the ground wire of the equipment and workbench should use multiple strands of plastic conductors with a cross-sectional area of not less than 1.25mm. The yellow-green line is appropriate.

3, the anti-static products used as ordinary products
Many companies use the anti-static products as ordinary products. They think that the products will not be deformed and can continue to be used without breaking. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. For example, the anti-static wrist strap can only be used for a few months. When it is used for a period of time, the appearance may not be damaged, but it is often found that the wrist strap has been broken during testing.

4, only wear anti-static shoes do not wear anti-static clothing

In addition to wearing anti-static shoes, people wear anti-static overalls to better control the body's static electricity. Because clothing can also bring high static electricity, especially most of the current clothing is chemical fiber, can generate thousands of volts of static electricity.

5, wear only anti-static clothing does not wear anti-static shoes

Experiments have shown that people only wear anti-static overalls. If they do not wear anti-static shoes and do not have good anti-static ground, their anti-static performance is extremely poor.

6, anti-static clothing and shoes are worn but there is no anti-static floor and do not wear anti-static wrist strap

We know that the static electricity of the human body must be led through anti-static shoes to the anti-static floor, or to the earth through the wrist strap. If the anti-static floor and the anti-static wrist strap are not available, then people's static electricity will be difficult to guide. . It is best for qualified companies to have anti-static flooring and anti-static wrist straps. Unqualified companies must have at least anti-static wrist straps.

7. Incorrect use of wrist strap

Wrist straps are easier to damage. Therefore, it is necessary to test every day. A good wrist band will also be too loose for the workers to wear. Therefore, the best method is to use the wrist strap online detector at any time. However, there are many companies that do not even have a wrist strap tester. A wrist strap is not used for more than a year to see the segments. This is not an antistatic effect.

From the above introduction, it can be seen that the electrostatic protection is not only simple to use anti-static products, but also consider many other factors. Only when all aspects are analyzed and considered comprehensively, can we achieve the expected results.