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Pay attention to the use of ion air guns

Feb 10, 2019

Pay attention to the use of ion air guns

The ion air gun is a kind of static eliminator and belongs to a manually operated movable dust removal device. However, during the use, users should pay attention to two points when selecting and using:

1: The air speed is much faster, and the average customer thinks that the faster the wind speed, the larger the air volume, the better the dust removal effect.

This view is mainly psychological, and it is not correct. It depends on the environment and product shape used.

In this environment, the object of dust removal mainly settles automatically, and the external pollution source is non-oily particle dust, which can be formed by blowing a little.

On the contrary, the harm caused by the large volume of gas and the fast flow rate is to change the direction of the airflow in the clean room. The indiscriminate blowing causes a large area of dust pollution, and the product quality is difficult to control.

2: The dust can not be removed is the quality of the ion air gun. Just now we talked about the dust particles are divided into dry particles and mixed oil particles dust. The dry particle dust is very good with the ion gun. After the static electricity is removed, the tiny The air volume can blow off the dust.

If it is oily particle dust, it is blown with an ion wind gun, and the dry dust attached to the oily particles is blown off. It is necessary to wipe it with a dust-free cloth and an appropriate amount of drops to solve the problem.