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Precautions for ESD gloves

Apr 12, 2018

Precautions for ESD gloves


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When anti-static gloves are used, note the following six aspects:
1. There are many varieties of protective gloves, which should be selected according to the protective function. First of all, you should clearly identify the object of protection and then carefully select it. Such as acid and alkali resistant gloves, resistant to strong acid (alkali), only resistant to low concentrations of acid (alkali), resistant to organic solvents and chemical reagents are different. Therefore, it cannot be used indiscriminately to avoid accidents.
2. Waterproof, acid and alkali resistant gloves should be inspected carefully before use. Observe whether there is damage on the surface. The simple method to take is to blow into the glove and pinch tightly by hand to observe if there is any leakage. If it leaks, it cannot be used.
3. Rubber, plastic and other protective gloves should be rinsed and dried after use. Avoid high temperatures during storage and sprinkle talcum powder on the product to prevent adhesion.
4. Insulating gloves should be regularly tested for electrical insulation performance and cannot be used if they do not meet the requirements.
5. Contact with strong oxidizing acids such as nitric acid, chromic acid, etc., due to strong oxidation can cause product brittle, discoloration, early damage. High concentrations of strong oxidizing acids may even cause burns and should be observed.
6. Latex industrial gloves are only suitable for weak acids, low concentrations of sulfuric acid and various salts, and should not be exposed to strong oxidizing acids (nitric acid, etc.).