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Self-fighting how to prevent static

Jun 18, 2018

Self-fighting how to prevent static electricity?

For a car-loving friend, it is actually dangerous for the car to self-fuel. If you do not pay attention to electrostatic protection measures, it is also very dangerous!We also need to wear ESD uniforms such as esd garment,esd cap,esd mask,esd shoes,esd gloves.

1. Discharge first when refueling

When you get off, touch your car's metal area with your fingers before you look at the door. In addition, an electrostatic discharger should also be equipped on the autonomous tanker to remind you to release static electricity by touching it with your hand before refueling.

2. Don't return to your car when you refuel

Previously, a woman who had been mad at the Internet for the influence of a woman's upper body at a gas station had also returned to the car while refueling, and she had also sorted out her clothes when she got off and had static electricity when her clothing constantly rubbed. In the moment of contact with the refueling gun, a fire broke out. Therefore, Xiao Bian reminded everyone to prevent static electricity in the refueling process. It is recommended not to return to the vehicle to prevent the static electricity from being drawn back to the body. Therefore, everyone must hold the refueling gun while refueling.

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3. As far as possible when refueling, the oil gun should be as deep as possible into the oil gun mouth

Why do you want to deepen the oil gun as far as possible into the fuel tank when refueling? This can reduce the volatilization of gasoline vapors during refueling and can reduce the ignition medium at the source. After refueling, make sure the oil gun is pulled out after no oil is left. Nowadays, many owners are apt to pull out the oil gun immediately after refueling, but there are still residual oil guns on the oil gun head. If you pull out immediately, it will not only cause waste, but the remaining oil droplets will drip on the car and pollute the car. More importantly, it will further increase the risk of fire. Therefore, it is recommended that the remaining oil droplets on the oil gun head be completely removed and then pulled out.