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SL-002 double fan Ionizer air blower

Jun 19, 2018

Factory direct supply SL-002 double fan Ionizer air blower

SL-002 ion blower is static electricity. Suspension ion blower. It is designed according to the principle of exchange type static eliminator and belongs to the electronic category. Suitable for small areas to eliminate static electricity, easy to move and install. Adjustable air volume, built-in high voltage generator.


Our company has been engaged in the research, development and production of electrostatic devices for decades. Besides the electrostatic ion blower produced by our company, we are professional, efficient, and high-quality. We not only possess technology that is ahead of our peers, but also have a professional after-sales team that is trustworthy!


Ion blower is an efficient, long-range, large-area fan-type static eliminator and belongs to the industrial category. Widely used in various types of mechanical equipment, built-in high voltage generator. Ion blower is an efficient, wide range static eliminator designed to solve the problem of small ion wind fan.


The ion blower is characterized by a large wind-powered fan installed inside. It has strong wind power and large air flow coverage. It can effectively eliminate the large amount of static charge generated in the process of production (such as cutting and bending), plastic parts conveying and packaging. At the same time, the strong wind removes the dust on the object that is attracted by the static electricity.