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SL-1104 Ionizer air blower

Jun 04, 2018

SL-1104 Ionizer air blower

Brand: Dr.Schneider pc MODEL:SL-1104

Use operation

Slade SL-1104 four-head mounted ion blower is a special equipment to eliminate static electricity. Is a Slade ion fan series. It has the features of easy installation, stable operation and large static elimination range.


 Section I: How it works

Slade SL-1104 ion blower can produce a large number of positive and negative charges of air flow, which can neutralize the charge on the object. When the surface of the object is negatively charged, it will attract the positive charge in the airflow. When the surface of the object is positively charged, it will attract the negative charge in the airflow, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized. Eliminate the purpose of static electricity.

Slade SL-1104 ion fan has four small fans to provide wind power, the size of the wind can be adjusted within a large range by the speed switch.

Ionization Device: Ionization device generates a stable high-strength electric field under the action of the low current and high voltage generated by the high-voltage generating device. Ionized air forms an ion body and is carried by the airflow to reach the surface of the object to achieve the purpose of neutralizing static electricity. There is a special cleaner on the ionization device that can remove dust on the ionization needle and keep the ionization device working properly.

Slade SL-1104 ion fan has a dedicated ion balance circuit that can achieve automatic ion balance.

The static elimination function of Slade SL-1104 four-head mounted ion blower can solve the production problems caused by static electricity, such as solving the problem of electrostatic dust cleaning, adhesion problems when processing plastic products, and small electrostatic discharge. Part jump problem.

Section II: Product Features

Neutralization and static electricity quickly.

The ion current covers a large area.

Wide range of wind adjustment.

There is a special ion emitter cleaner.


The fan has good grounding protection.