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Some methods to remove static

Mar 06, 2018

Some methods to remove static-----Wearing Anti static baranti static bar.jpgWhen two different objects come into contact with each other, one object loses some charge. For example, the electrons are transferred to another object to make them positively charged while the other object receives some residual electrons and is negatively charged. If the charge is hard to neutralize during separation, the charge accumulates to make the object static charge. Therefore, separated objects and other objects can cause static electricity. The typical "contact separation" charge typically occurs when peeling plastic film from an object, and the static electricity generated from the removal of clothing in everyday life is also "contact separated" charged.
In dry, windy autumn and winter seasons, we often experience the same phenomenon in our daily life: when we sleep at night, we often hear crackling of blue light in the darkness. When we meet the handshake, the fingers suddenly touched the other party felt tingling stinging, shocking; in the morning when the hair comb, the hair will often "float" up more Liuangyuan, sliding handle, when Faucet will "touch", often issued a "popular, popular" voice, which is static in human body The above phenomena are the result of human body static "discharge".
Human activities, skin and clothes and clothes and clothes rubbed each other, it will produce static electricity. With the increase of household appliances and chemical fibers in winter, the electrostatic charges generated by household appliances will be absorbed and accumulated by the human body. The vast majority of the combined with indoor walls and floors are insulators, dried and therefore more susceptible to static electricity.
As the elderly dry skin, aging elderly cardiovascular system, decreased anti-interference ability, the elderly are more susceptible to static electricity. The cardiovascular system has a variety of diseases of the elderly, which can worsen the disease or induce premature ventricular contractions. Excessive static electricity often makes people irritable, headache, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, coughing.
What should be paid attention to in life?
In order to prevent the occurrence of static electricity, indoor to maintain a certain degree of humidity, indoors on the ground, sprinkle some water or humidifier on the ground wet; often change clothes, to eliminate the accumulation of static electricity on the human body surface. I found the hair can not be combed, the comb immersed in water for a while, to eliminate static electricity, you can comb the hair gentle. After undressing, gently touch the wall with your hand, then touch the wall with your hand and then touch the door handle or tap. Static electricity inside the body will be "released" so that static electricity will not hurt you. For the elderly, should choose soft, smooth cotton or silk knitted underwear, try not to wear chemical fiber underwear, so as to minimize electrostatic damage.
Static charges generated and accumulated on the human body by the human body or contact with or contact with other charged objects prevent static electricity generation by paying attention to abrasion, reducing contact with other charged substances, and the like.
1. Generally when the relative humidity of the air is less than 30%, it is good for friction to generate static electricity. Therefore, in this kind of weather, especially in the warm room, use the humidifier to adjust the air humidity, or sprinkle some water at home, wet the floor inconvenient place, place a pot of water or two, so that the indoor air relative humidity reaches 45%, it is not easy to generate static electricity.
2. Do not wear chemical fiber texture underwear (especially the elderly, children, static electricity can not find the heart disease, neurasthenia and mental illness reasons), less wear chemical fiber wool clothes, try to wear cotton underwear, underwear to reduce the generation of static electricity. Clean chemical fiber clothing, the use of fabric softener and other electrostatic cleaning products to reduce the static electricity generated by wear.
3. TV can not be placed in the bedroom, because the TV work, the screen will produce electrostatic particles, these particles are a lot of dust in the air adsorption, these charged dust on the human body and skin have a negative impact. People watching TV, with the TV to maintain the distance of 2-3 meters, after reading face, wash your hands and eliminate static electricity.
4. Bath,change clothes, can effectively eliminate the human body surface accumulation of static charge.