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Static electricity is terrible, so we have to work more carefully for making ESD clothing

Mar 29, 2018

Static electricity is terrible, so we have to work more carefully for making ESD clothing!
     With the upgrading of industries, transformation, and technology renewal, especially the supervision and inspection of safe production, the harm caused by static electricity to the products of various business units has become more and more important to the disasters caused by the production environment. The feature is the recent increase in demand for anti-static clothing from all walks of life. Orders are a bit too busy.
       In the middle of my busy life, I discovered some problems. Now I have recorded and shared it with everyone to help people understand what to look for when purchasing anti-static clothing so as not to cause problems in the later period. Because many units of procurement personnel do not know much about anti-static clothing, when purchasing anti-static clothing, they must first determine the color, fabric, style, model, and delivery date, and then place orders.
1. Color of anti-static clothing,ESD jumpsuit: Different colors can bring different visual effects to people. Different clothing colors are suitable for different working atmospheres.
2. Selection of anti-static clothing fabrics: From the interval density of fabric conductive threads, it can be divided into 0.5mm, 0.25mm. Conductive wire
    The layout of the points can be divided into stripe and mesh fabrics. The denser the fabric of conductive threads, the better the electrostatic effect.
3. esd clothing styles: anti-static clothing, anti-static clothing and anti-static jacket. As for hats, collars, pockets, cuffs and other details
    The design can be customized according to the different needs of customers.
4. esd clothing code: The model of anti-static clothing can be divided into eight yards such as 5XL, 4XL, 3XL, 2XL, XL, L, M, and S.
5. Delivery time of anti-static clothing: generally about 15 days can be delivered, the date according to the number, style, fabric and other special needs of different delivery cycle
    It is different. In particular, orders with a small number of codes need to be considered for longer processing time and longer work hours, so the cost will be high. Do not
    People who understand understand that they are expensive!