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sticky mats

Feb 11, 2019

What is the role of sticky mats?

With the development of modernization, more and more sticky mats are constantly appearing in our lives. But what special place does it have for such a material? See the details below for details.

Each layer of the sticky mat is coated with a unique high-viscosity or low-viscosity adhesive viscosity agent for different locations. The digital label facilitates the separation between the sheet and the sheet. The multi-layer, straight-side sticky floor mat can quickly and effectively remove the dust carried by the wheel and the sole of the vehicle, keep the environment clean, easy to use, the surface is contaminated, and the layer is torn off. Lightweight, easy to carry and quickly and effectively eliminate static electricity in the general range. At the same time, the more important point is that the sticky mat is mainly suitable for sticking to the entrance or buffer zone where dustproof space is needed. It can effectively remove the dust on the sole and the wheel, and minimize the dust to purify the environment. The effect is to achieve the effect of simple dust removal, and solve the problem that the dust removal of other floor mats is not completely impossible to ensure the dust does not expand. Crack elongation coefficient; bottom paste strength; tension; paste strength; medium, high, low, etc. The above is a simple process to understand the sticky mat from a single aspect.