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Surface resistance tester

Jun 11, 2018

Surface resistance tester

The surface resistance tester SL-035 (ESD Resistance tester) has high measurement accuracy.

Easy to operate and easy to carry, it is an ideal choice for measuring surface resistivity.

Scope of application: microelectronics, medicine, aerospace, precision machinery.

Note: The surface resistance tester is used to quantify the surface resistance or system resistance of all conductive type, antistatic and classical bleeder materials. It is simple to use and easy to carry. Just place on the surface of the measured object and press the red button. The indicator range on the instrument is 103~1012Ω. One of the LEDs will light according to the test value. Can not measure the surface resistance of objects over 1012Ω.

Operating voltage 9V DC

Dimensions 137mm*76mm*30mm

40 hours of work

Accuracy plus or minus 1/2decade

Weight 120g

Operating temperature 0--50C°

What should you watch out for when using a surface resistance tester?

1. The surface resistance tester needs to be away from water, oil, solvents and other conductive contaminants.

2. Exposure to such contaminants will cause electrical insulation failure of the product. Take special care to ensure that there is no dew formation in the environment.

3. It cannot be used in an environment with lots of electronic noise.