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The basic of static electricity protection

Feb 08, 2019

What is the basic of static electricity protection?

It is necessary to prevent the accumulation of static charges in places where static electricity is likely to occur. That is, take certain measures to avoid or reduce the generation of electrostatic discharge. The purpose of eliminating charge accumulation can be achieved by creating a side leakage.

Accumulation of existing charge should be quickly eliminated. When the insulating object is charged, the charge cannot flow and cannot leak. The ion fan can be used to generate the opposite ion to neutralize the static charge. When the charged object is a conductor, a simple ground leakage method is used to completely eliminate the charge. To form a complete electrostatic safety work area, at least include an effective static table mat, a special ground wire and an anti-static wrist strap, an anti-static brush, and the like.

The basic protection of static electricity The static electricity control technology is to take comprehensive measures to control the electrostatic hazard within the allowable range when the electrostatic charge accumulation is unavoidable.