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The impact of static electricity on the electronics industry

Jul 02, 2018

The impact of static electricity on the electronics industry

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The circuit of the integrated circuit components is reduced, the withstand voltage is reduced, and the circuit area is reduced, so that the electrostatic shock resistance of the device is weakened, and the electrostatic electric field (Static Electric Field) and the electrostatic current (ESDcurrent) become the deadly killers of these high-density components. At the same time, the widespread use of a large number of high-insulation materials such as plastic products has led to an increase in the chance of generating static electricity. Static electricity can be generated in daily life such as walking, air flow, and handling. It is generally believed that only CMOS-type wafers are sensitive to static electricity. In fact, highly integrated component circuits are sensitive. 【esd chair】

A. The effect of static electricity on electronic components

A) Electrostatic adsorption of dust, changing the impedance between the lines, affecting the function and life of the product.【esd stool】

B) The element cannot be operated (completely destroyed) due to the electric field or current destroying the insulation or conductor of the element.

C) The component is injured due to the heat generated by the momentary electric field or current, it can still work and its life is damaged. 【esd table mat】

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