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The importance of electrostatic protection in industrial production

Feb 10, 2019

The importance of electrostatic protection in industrial production

The risk of static electricity occurring in industrial production is quite large, and its causes can be attributed to the following two mechanisms:

Risk of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Formation: Causes malfunction or malfunction of electronic equipment, resulting in electromagnetic interference. High-voltage electrostatic discharge forms an electric shock, endangering personal safety. Explosions and fires can easily occur in the production of multi-flammable and explosive materials or dust and oil mist.

Risk of Electrostatic Gravity (ESA) Formation: In the electronics industry, it mainly absorbs dust, forms contamination of integrated circuits and semiconductor components, and greatly reduces the rate of products. In the film and plastics industry, film or film is not wound up; film, CD plastic The disk is contaminated with dust, affecting the quality; in the paper-making printing industry; the paper is not wound up, the overprint is forbidden, the suction is serious, and even the paper is stuck, which affects the product. Textile industry: the formation of roots fluttering, tangled flowers, yarn entanglement and other risks.

The risk of static electricity is obvious to all. At present, more and more manufacturers are beginning to develop various levels of anti-static equipment. However, the perfect anti-static project should choose the good anti-static equipment according to the actual situation of the enterprise, and formulate the corresponding anti-static scheme to ensure the system and specificity of the anti-static scheme, otherwise it will not be worth the loss or even the destructive anti-effect.