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The quality of anti-static clothing is directly related to product quality

Jun 28, 2018

The quality of anti-static clothing is directly related to product quality

With the continuous progress of industrial modernization, related supporting products and services for industrial production have also been gradually developed. For example, in the electronic product industry, anti-static electricity is a very important key, and personal anti-static electricity is a top priority. Therefore, the quality of anti-static clothing is directly related to the quality of electronic products.

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With respect to the damage caused by static electricity to electronic products, especially when they are potentially damaged, it is difficult to measure the changes in their performance even when using sophisticated instruments. Therefore, the electronic manufacturing plant is required to have a complete set of rigorous protection. Static electricity measures. The selection of anti-static clothing is very important, and the qualified ESD clothing can release static electricity at the first time, and the anti-static and dust-proof properties are also very good. However, fake and shoddy anti-static clothing will skip wire in order to save costs, so that it will achieve the effect of anti-static; fake anti-static clothing will use a "rinse" method to blindly dye the antistatic agent into "anti-static clothing." However, this type of anti-static clothing has lost its anti-static effect after being cleaned; the conductive silk used for the false anti-static clothing is not a good polyester filament at all, and the clothes will fall out of the fine dander during the wearing process, which further contaminates the product; Anti-static clothing using a non-professional overlock process, not only will lead to all points of the clothing are not conduction, and workmanship is easy to open the line off the wire, the product will cause fatal damage.

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Examples of electrostatic hazards and prevention methods) 1. Frictional electrification between printing papers causes troubles for printing paper sheets; damp air can quickly eliminate static electricity. 2. Man-made fiber clothing will not be able to wear a layer of dust after it is worn. The rotating fan blades will soon have a thick layer of dust. This is due to the electrostatic attraction of dust. 3. People walking on the carpet, rubbing with the carpet can produce more than 10,000 volts of high pressure, when the hand with a metal hand will be electric shock, stainless steel wire in the carpet can be embedded into the underground static electricity, the effect is very good. 4. During the flight of the aircraft, the tanker may generate static electricity due to friction with the air during transportation. When the plane lands, static electricity will damage the ground staff; the static electricity of the tanker will accumulate to a certain extent, and the discharge will generate sparks and cause explosions. The tanker is dragged to the ground by an iron chain that is dragged to the ground. A tiny electrostatic discharge can cause a gas explosion. The electric shock can cause people to feel numb or give a strong blow. Extremely high voltage static electricity can make people deadly. Teacher: Things are always "divided into two." There are disadvantageous aspects and there are also aspects that can be used. Although static electricity has many hazards, it can also serve the material and spiritual civilization. At present, the application of static electricity is also very extensive.