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the quality of anti-static shoes is affected by anti-static insoles

Feb 11, 2019

Whether the quality of anti-static shoes is affected by anti-static insoles

The experiment found that static electricity can make the pointer of some precision instruments deviate from the correct position, which can make the display screen absorb a lot of negative charges and dust, but the harm caused by static electricity is far more than that. In the fast-developing modern industrial society, electrostatic discharge can penetrate the integrated circuits of the electronics industry, which can cause accidental explosion of explosives. In petrochemical enterprises, there are countless fire explosions caused by static electricity, and even rockets and missiles have failed to launch.


The study found that if the human body is insulated from the earth and the relative humidity of the environment is below 50%, the static electricity will stay in the human body for a long time. As time goes on, the electric charge will accumulate more and more, and the electrostatic potential of the human body will become higher and higher. If you are in a dangerous place that is prone to fire and explosion, you need to wear anti-static shoes to protect it.


The anti-static shoes connect the human body to the earth through anti-static shoes, so as to achieve the purpose of safely discharging the electrostatic charge carried by the human body. The sole is mainly made of PU material or PU material, and the sole is made of anti-static anti-skid material, which can absorb sweat. Deodorant, it can also achieve anti-slip, anti-static and other functions, integrated with the upper, and then on-line reinforcement. It can effectively leak static electricity and form a complete anti-static system together with anti-static clothing. In the electrical performance test of anti-static shoes, it is found that the electrical properties of the outsole and midsole of anti-static shoes produced by most enterprises can meet the standard requirements. However, the electrical performance test requirements for antistatic shoes include active cushions in the shoe. In recent years, it has been found that the quality of anti-static shoes has reached the biggest factor affecting the electrical performance of anti-static shoes.