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The role of cleanroom cloth in the clean room

Jul 11, 2018

The role of cleanroom cloth in the clean room

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Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of the requirements of the clean room, the products are getting more and more refined, and the requirements for the production environment are also increasing. This requires a cleanroom cloth to wipe. So what is the role of the cleanroom cloth in the clean room?

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Especially for electronic products, one source of pollution is dust, and the other is electrostatic damage. The damage of static electricity is huge and can lead to product failure. At this time, if an antistatic cleanroom cloth is used, the stain of the electronic component can be effectively cleaned and the electronic component can be protected from static electricity. In summary, there are two points, dust and anti-static.

The cleanroom cloth can be recycled without causing pollution. The ordinary cleanroom cloth is made of double-woven polyester fiber, the surface is soft, has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency, and the friction is not off-fiber. Its packaging and cleaning are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. Optional edge sealing: cold cutting, laser edge sealing, ultrasonic sealing, and super fiber cleanroom cloth is effectively sealed by laser and ultrasonic. And its characteristics of no chipping can ensure the cleanliness and quality of the environment.

Cleanroom cloth plays a tight role in the Cleanroom workshop. I think it is a wiping effect. Usually the Cleanroom wiper cloth is thick and compact, and the package is 100 pieces/bag. So how much is a pack of clean cloth? In fact, it depends on the style and fabric you choose, and the weight of these. The greater the weight of the cleanroom wiper cloth of the same material, the higher the corresponding wiping ability. We use the current advanced laser cutting method to ensure the cleanroom cloth, no cutting, no dust, strong water absorption, and eliminate secondary pollution.