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the static bar

Feb 08, 2019

How to do the daily protection of the static bar

The static bar is a special device for stationary static elimination. It is a kind of stick type static elimination product. The utility model has the advantages of simple device, stable and stable operation, and high static elimination speed. Mainly used in electronics, plastics, silk screen, prepress systems, image processing and other industries. It is also used in roll-cut consumer equipment for plastic film and paper printing. The length of the static bar can be customized according to different requirements, and it can be applied to different equipments, similar to the ion wind stick.

Routine maintenance of electrostatic bars

1. In order for the equipment to work normally, efficiently, and securely, please use the utility tool to clean the nails for 5-7 working days. If you find that there are white or other substance deposits on the tip of the electrode, please use a special tool to quietly sweep. . If no sediment is found, it can be stopped normally (with or without sediment and environmental conditions).

2. If there is dust inside the static rod air cylinder before and after the installation, please remove the net cover and clean them (with or without dust and environment).

3. Before using the brush to brush the discharge needle, the power must be cut off for 10 minutes and then stopped.

4. Do not use a wet towel when cleaning the fan breeze.

Electrostatic sticks

1. The working input power supply (220V AC) of the power box must be connected to a solid ground terminal at the same time.

2. The grounding wire of the static bar must be firmly connected with the grounding end of the power box to ensure the safety of the user.

3. This installation should not be used in rainy or humid environments.

4. This installation should not be used in a flammable atmosphere.

5, internal maintenance and repair must be stopped by professionals

Electrostatic bars can generate a large number of positively and negatively charged air masses that neutralize the charge carried by objects passing through their ionizing radiation zones. When the object is negatively charged, it absorbs the positive charge in the radiation area. When the object is positively charged, it absorbs the negative charge in the radiation area, so that the static electricity on the surface of the object is neutralized. , to achieve the purpose of eliminating static electricity.