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Under what circumstances will the performance of antistatic clothing fall

May 05, 2018

Under what circumstances will the performance of esd clothes fall?

First, during the wearing process of the anti-static clothing, due to improper use or unauthorized modification of the clothing style, the conductive fabric on the surface of the anti-static clothing will be damaged, which will lead to a decrease in the performance of the anti-static clothing.

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Second, incorrect washing methods can lead to a drop in the performance of antistatic clothing. The detergents used for general cleaning are generally of strong acid and alkali nature, and they are very harmful to antistatic fabrics. In addition, ordinary laundry equipment is used. Since the pulling force of the equipment itself is large, it is easy to destroy the conductive fibers on the antistatic clothing. Time Use this method to clean your antistatic clothing, and your antistatic performance will definitely decline. Therefore, when cleaning anti-static clothing, you must choose a professional cleaning and cleaning company to clean.

Third, improper maintenance of anti-static overalls has led to a decline in performance. If the anti-static clothing is not cleaned for a long time, the stain is heavy, and there are a lot of holes, some users even use it as ordinary clothing. There is no occasion to speak of, so the performance of anti-static clothing will be greatly reduced over time.