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What are the advantages of anti-static boots

Jul 10, 2018

What are the advantages of anti-static boots?

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We know that the sole of anti-static boots is made of PVC, PU or SPU. Its upper is made of special polyester filament and high-performance long-term conductive fiber, so it has good dust-free effect and ESD. Electrostatic discharge effect. So, what are the advantages of anti-static boots in many types of anti-static shoes?

1. The sole of the anti-static shoe is integrated with the upper, and the middle layer of the sole has an anti-static EVA, and the upper thread is reinforced, which can effectively release the static electricity of the human body.

2. Since the anti-static boots are made of special clean fabric, they do not dust themselves.

3. It has a non-slip design and feels comfortable and comfortable to wear.

4. There are elastic bands on the anti-static boots to strengthen the zipper, so the high boots and legs can be more fit, which is convenient for the staff to produce better.

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Precautions for wearing anti-static boots:

1. Anti-static boots can not be used for more than 200 hours.

2. The same as the rest of the anti-static shoes, you can not wear insulated wool thick socks, and can not wear the anti-static boots insulation shoes.

3. Cleaning of anti-static boots should be carried out in the dust-free purification workshop, and pay attention to the waterproof and moisture-proof shoes.

4. At the same time as entering the clean room, you need to conduct resistance test on the anti-static clothing and anti-static shoes. If the resistance value is not within the specified range, you should dispose of it in time.

5. If you want to achieve perfect anti-static effect, anti-static boots should be used with anti-static clothing.