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What are the advantages of sticky roller

Mar 29, 2018

What are the advantages of sticky roller?
Sticky dust roller can quickly remove tiny dust particles, with a variety of viscosity options, high-strength, good electrical properties, good abrasion resistance, moisture-proof temperature, non-toxic, non-rust, non-polluting, roller or grip wheel selection AOI, negative film , Exposure printing and other processes before the cleaning process.
1. The formula ensures that the product is highly viscous and durable, not easy to age, and does not lose the crumbs.
2, roller type design, feel comfortable when using, the wheel rotates freely.
3, can remove a variety of tiny pollutants: tiny particles, impurities, fibers, copper shavings, dust and so on.
4, with sticky dust paper instinct can be recycled, can guarantee the rubber wheel self-adhesive long-term effective.