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What are the characteristics of electrostatic damage

Jul 02, 2018

What are the characteristics of electrostatic damage?

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1. Concealed human body can not directly sense static electricity, unless electrostatic discharge occurs, but the electrostatic discharge occurs, the human body may not have the feeling. This is because the human body perceives an electrostatic discharge voltage of 2-3 kV. 【Anti-static mat】

2. Potential Some electronic components have no significant degradation in performance after being electrostatically damaged. However, accumulating discharges several times can cause internal damage to the device and cause hidden trouble, and increase the sensitivity of the device to static electricity. There are no cures for the problems that have already arisen.

3. Under what circumstances will random electronic components suffer from electrostatic damage? It can be said that all the processes from the production of a component until it is damaged are subject to static electricity, and the generation of these static electricity is also random. Since the generation and discharge of static electricity occur instantaneously, it is difficult to predict and protect. 【Anti-static chair】

4. Complexity Electrostatic discharge damage is divided into plates. Due to the fine and tiny structural features of electronic products, it is time consuming, costly, and costly. The more complicated techniques require the use of precision instruments such as scanning electron microscopes, even though some electrostatic damage is also a problem. It is difficult to distinguish from the damage caused by other causes, so that people mistakenly regard the failure of electrostatic damage as other failures. This is a failure to fully recognize electrostatic discharge damage before it is often attributed to early failure or unclear failure, thus unconsciously obscuring it. The real cause of the failure.

5. Severe ESD issues apparently affect only the users of finished products, but in fact also affect manufacturers at all levels, such as: warranty fees, maintenance and company reputation. Anti-static stationery