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What environment is the electrostatic precipitator suitable for

Feb 06, 2019

What environment is the electrostatic precipitator suitable for?

First of all, the electrostatic precipitator is one of the different brands of static electricity products. The product that is right for you is the best. It can be used in both dust-free and non-dust-free environments. It needs to be used with high-voltage power supplies.

The electrostatic precipitator is an efficient static elimination device. The high-pressure airflow rapidly blows a large amount of positive and negative ions generated by the ion generator to the electrostatic charge accumulated in the static elimination area, neutralizing the object, and the high-speed ion attracts the static electricity. The dust particles are blown off and prevented from attracting dust particles again. Widely used in electronics assembly, microelectronics manufacturing, biological products, pharmaceutical, injection molding, printing and other industries.

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