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What is an esd Wrist Strap

Mar 30, 2018

What is an Antistatic Wrist Strap?

An anti-static wrist strap is an electrostatic bracelet wristband worn by the wearer to eliminate short circuiting of computer components. The strap is made of an electrostatic discharge material, and the other side of the resistor has a metal side and a power outlet. The metal surface of the resistor must be in contact with the exposed skin of the user, otherwise the static electricity will not dissipate. The other part of the wristband is the wire, which needs to be completed by the bare metal clipped to the computer case to complete the discharge circuit. Wrist straps do not protect the user from electric shocks from devices such as computer monitors.

The wristband is designed to protect electrostatic sensitive components (such as the motherboard) from electrostatic damage. Most people experience static electricity when they come in contact with other people or metal objects. This electricity is usually produced by walking through a carpet or rubbing an electrostatically charged object such as a balloon. If a person touches an electronic component, the component may short circuit. Under normal circumstances, the casing of the electronic device can prevent electric shock, so ordinary users will not damage the electronic device.

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