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What is the connection between the esd clothing style and the cleanroom

Jul 11, 2018

What is the connection between the esd clothing style and the cleanroom?

The small partners who work in the dust-free workshop must know that they need to wear esd clothes and dust-free shoes, etc., in order to ensure the cleanliness in the cleanroom, but some small Partners will find that the esd clothes that are worn in the dust-free workshop are not the same style. What is the reason?

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There are three styles of esd clothes, they are big squats, split suits and jumpsuits. They have different advantages in different styles. The advantage of dust-free cockroaches is that it is very convenient to put on and off, but the sealing is poor. The dust-free cockroaches are generally suitable for dust-free workshops with lower grades of 100,000 and 10,000; The split suit can be applied to the cleanroom requirements of the dust-free workshop because of the special workmanship; the dust-free jumpsuit has less intermediate partition than the above two, so that its sealing is on the upper step, so the esd coveralls are more Applicable in the dust-free workshop of 100 or 1000 grades.

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In general, the style of the cleanroom clothes has a direct relationship with the tightness of the esd clothes, which affects the dust emitted by the human body in the dust-free workshop. The higher the sealing, the less the dust emitted, the less The pollution of the dust chamber is getting lower and lower. More dust-free clothes, anti-static clothes, anti-static work clothes, welcome to contact customer service.